My latest blog post is about the project on which I am currently working, the UK Live Music Census.

UK Live Music Census 2017 – update

Emma dressing up to promote Opera North’s costume sale in 2005

About me: Briefly, I am an early career researcher with a specialist interest in and knowledge about live music and festivals. I am also a music (and comedy) promoter in my own right, and before returning to academia in 2008, I worked professionally in live music for eight years (opera, world-music, festivals and techno).

At the moment, I am working on the UK Live Music Census, the first ever national music census in the world to map live music activity across a whole country. The project is led by Dr Matt Brennan at the University of Edinburgh, with Professor Martin Cloonan at the University of Glasgow and Dr Adam Behr at the Newcastle University. It is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and follows on from our work on the Edinburgh Live Music Census in 2015.

Between November 2015 and 2016 I worked on a brilliant project about the impact of festivals at the University of East Anglia with Professor George McKay, in collaboration with the EFG London Jazz Festival – I feel so lucky to be able to spend a year thinking about festivals!

This website will feature blog posts about my research and about wider issues in higher education and in politics. To read previous blog posts from this website, click here.

To read my blog posts from the Impact of Festivals project, click here.

To read my blog posts from the Live Music Exchange, click here.


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