Music From Out There, In Here: 25 Years of the London Jazz Festival book now published

25 Year of LJF front coverWe are delighted to announce that our history of the London Jazz Festival, and of jazz festivals in London, has now been published. This is the final output of the Impact of Festivals project.

Music From Out There, In Here: 25 Years of the London Jazz Festival is FREE to read and download by clicking here: London Jazz Festival Book – Webster and McKay (2017). From the cover blurb:

Webster and McKay have pieced together a fascinating jigsaw puzzle of archival material, interviews, and stories from musicians, festival staff and fans alike. Including many evocative images, the book weaves together the story of the festival with the history of its home city, London, touching on broader social topics such as gender, race, politics, and the search for the meaning of jazz. They also trace the forgotten history of London as a vibrant city of jazz festivals going as far back as the 1940s.

We have a small number of paperback copies available for suitable libraries, cultural organisations, festivals, researchers. If you would like one, get in touch.

We hope you enjoy our new book; do let us know.

Note: a large-print version of the book is available here.

The changing aesthetic of the London Jazz Festival brochure

LJF_1993_front_coverThe London Jazz Festival began in 1993, the guide to the new event a pull-out section of the magazine Jazz and a free supplement to The Observer rather than a brochure per se.  London in the 1990s was a city only just starting to come out of a fifty year post-war population decline, but by 2014, as a result of the highly successful Olympic Games in 2012 and its pre-eminence on the global financial stage,  Forbes magazine had designated London the ‘most influential city in the world’.  As the Festival has changed over the years, so too has the look and feel of the brochure, and it is also interesting to note that the way in which the Festival has used London imagery over the years, sometimes placing the city front and centre and other times focusing on jazz. Continue reading The changing aesthetic of the London Jazz Festival brochure