Headcharge gang
Headcharge family c. 2001 – I am in the purple top

Before returning to academia, I spent eight years working in music and the arts in a variety of guises and music genres including opera (Opera North), festivals (Big Chill), the record industry (AWAL), world music (JuJu Club), techno (Headcharge), and outdoor theatre (Caravan Farm Theatre).

With previous experience in marketing, historical and statistical data analysis, and company management, and working at a variety of levels from small-business to large arts organisations and local councils, I have a broad skill-set and a comprehensive understanding of the varied needs and interests of stakeholders across the music and arts.

I was also one of the team that set up the academic comedy night Bright Club in Oxford and run occasional house gigs under the guise of The Music Inn. You can even watch me perform at Bright Club back in 2014 where I talk about the weird and wonderful world of the encore ritual: