UKLMC exec summary front coverWebster, Emma, Matt Brennan, Adam Behr and Martin Cloonan with Jake Ansell. 2018. Valuing live music: The UK Live Music Census 2017 report 

The UK’s first ever national live music census took place in spring 2017: for 24 hours from noon on Thursday 9th March, an army of volunteers went out and about to live music events in Glasgow, Newcastle-Gateshead, Oxford, Leeds, Southampton and Brighton (and 1st June in Liverpool), from pub gigs to massed choirs to arena concerts. A nationwide online survey for musicians, venues, promoters and audiences was online from March until June. The intention was to help measure live music’s cultural and economic value, discover what challenges the sector is facing and inform policy to help it flourish. The full report and executive summary was published on 16th February 2018 alongside a toolkit for those wishing to carry out their own live music census.

Click here to read the full report and download the toolkit.

front-coverWebster, Emma and George McKay. 2016. From Glyndebourne to Glastonbury: The Impact of British Music Festivals: An AHRC-funded literature review.

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the purpose of this report is to chart and critically examine available writing about the impact of British music festivals, drawing on both academic and ‘grey’/cultural policy literature in the field. To accompany the review, a 170-entry, 63,000-word annotated bibliography has been produced, which is freely accessible online via the project website. Click here to read full report and annotated bibliography.

Behr, Adam and Emma Webster with Matt Brennan. 2015. Edinburgh Live Music Census: Pilot Study.

A report containing the findings of the Edinburgh live music census, held in June 2015, and subsequent recommendations to Edinburgh City Council.  Click here to read full report.

Webster, Emma. 2014. Association of Independent Festivals Six-Year Report 2014.

A report written to celebrate the AIF’s sixth birthday, which places the festival sector in its historical context and looks ahead to the future to see the issues currently facing festival promoters, with a focus on the AIF’s member festivals.  Click here to read full report.