Jazz and the City at the EFG London Jazz Festival, Sat 12 November 2016

To celebrate the conclusion of the Impact of Festivals project, the EFG London Jazz Festival 2016 is hosting a mini-conference on Jazz and the City at the Southbank Centre’s Level 5 Function Room on Saturday 12th November between 2.00 and 5.00pm.

2.00-2.30pm Jazz and the City: Researcher-in-residence Dr Emma Webster, and Professor George McKay of the University of East Anglia, explore today’s programme and their current AHRC project, The Impact of Festivals.

2.45-3.45pm Festivals and the City:  A chaired panel exploring how festivals are shaped by cities and places and how festivals in turn shape them. With vibraphonist Orphy Robinson, Mikey Martins (Freedom Festival, Hull) and Steve Rubie (606 Club).

4.00-5.00pm Musicians in the City: A chaired panel on life as a musician in the city, featuring saxophonist Andy Sheppard, pianist Sarah Tandy (Tomorrow’s Warriors) and Charles Umney (Leeds Business School).

This is a free event – for more information, please email emma.webster@uea.ac.uk

Do join us for what will be a fascinating afternoon thinking about jazz cities, jazz musicians, and jazz festivals.


A London festival – how the city impacts on festival – Emma Webster

One of the thoughts that I keep coming back to, and about which I have been talking with audience members, is about how the EFG London Jazz Festival (LJF) fits into London and whether its very size has an impact on people’s experience of it as a ‘festival’. Responses have varied, from those who feel strongly that the LJF does not feel like a festival, to those for whom the LJF is the first event which springs to mind when they think of ‘festival’. As co-Director of Serious, Claire Whitaker, commented yesterday, “There is the equivalent of a festival going on every night in London”, and signs of the Festival are often only overt at the festival venues themselves. Continue reading A London festival – how the city impacts on festival – Emma Webster