Get into live music – or not . . . – Emma Webster

Get into live music – or not . . .

Since I was little, I always wanted to be a live sound engineer and even now I can quite happily spend an evening watching the mixing desk rather than watching the band on stage.  I went to a gig last week and did exactly that, and it got me wondering: if I was 16 again, would I have taken my dream more seriously if there were more courses on sound engineering available or more information in my school careers office about careers in the live music sector in general?

Just as academia has only recently started to take live music seriously as a topic worthy of in-depth study, so too various government bodies now appear to be taking live music seriously as something to teach and train people in, investing in physical infrastructure – the new £13 million Backstage Training Centre in Thurrock – analysing the skills needs of the sector in the Music Blueprint; and establishing formalised networks between industry, education, and the government, such as Creative & Cultural Skills.

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